Stay at a Resort completely surrounded by nature

Garden & Villas Resort is the perfect place to regain energy and tranquillity. Our resort was designed to be environmentally friendly: 9 villas featuring the classic and warm Mediterranean architecture are surrounded by a lovely 3-hectare garden park. Strategically located within this green area, the villas provide that privacy and intimacy you are looking for. The kindness of our staff and the heavenly beauty of nature will leave you breathless!


A holiday in Ischia: nature, spa treatments, lovely beaches and good food.

Our resort is surrounded by nature and located a short distance from San Montano beach and Negombo thermal park, a lush garden where you can spend wonderful days, while enjoying the benefits of spring water treatments. The quaint and lovely borgo ofLaccoAmeno is located just 500 metres away.


From Garden & Villas Resort you can also easily reach major tourist destinations, such as Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte, and Sant’Angelo, a picturesque fishing village, by bus or by taxi.


From the garden to your table: the quality and freshness of “zero mile products”.

Here in Ischia the cuisine is the perfect combination of tradition and nature, and Garden & Villas Resort chose to offer its guests dishes exclusively prepared with fresh and genuine zero-mile products. Delicious dishes prepared according to the season and the characteristics of the area.


The green island offers genuine ingredients that tell the story of the entire area: from land to sea, a rich biodiversity and a delicate balance of flavours, for a real journey through enogastronomy, while respecting the environment.